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With over 15 years of Industry experince and 5 years of manufacturing experience,
We bring you high quality products.

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What Are We?

Amar Industries is a leading and high quality manufacturer of DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS. We admire new technologies and keep our manufature units updated with the same in order to increase productivity, material durability and life of the transformers.

We as a company believe in building products to perfection and strive to bring the same effect with our design team involving into iterative design improvments. With this innovative and manufacturing support we are able to deliver custom needs of our clients in few weeks.

Our Products

Professionally finished and tested for the endurance and performance.

Why Choose us?

We believe in Quality and Standards.

Superior Quality

Quality is no compromise as we state of products to be premium.

Highly Skilled

We have highly trained skill workers and design engineers.

Well Organised

Our design process and manufature process are well organised.

ISO 9000:2015 Certified

We are a ISO 9000:2015 certified company.

BIS Standards

All our products are designed to meet BIS standards.

Standard Tests

Every finished products is passed through a standard test.

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